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Big Brother Africa ‘Hot Shots’ Unveils More Contestants

With just 12 days to go until the Africa’s biggest show kicks off, more contestants were unveiled today.

M’am Bea, who will represent Ghana at the Big Brother Africa Contest is an Acting Trainee Manager/Fashion Designer and has a diploma in finance management. She’s inspired by her mom, because ‘she is strong, humble, God-fearing and puts her family first’.

She chose to participate in the Big Brother Contest because of ‘the unity of all African countries coming together as one to learn and share.’ ‘It will give me room to showcase my personality and influence young, gifted youth out there,’ she says.


Namibia will be represented by Luis who has a bachelors degree in Financial Information and loves Kanye West Music. Luis biggest role models are his parents because they have been the biggest influence on his life. ‘They took care of not only my siblings and I, but also my cousins, grandmother and their own siblings,’ he says. ‘They taught me spiritual values from infancy – those values have brought me this far in life.’

He entered the Big Brother because he wants to tell his story to Africa, hopefully it inspires many others with a similar past. If he wins the Big Brother contest he will use the money to build a film and television studio in Nambia.


Lillian, who is also known as ‘SexyLeeLee’ will represent Nigeria at the upcoming Big Brother contest. She is an actor, model, presenter and a tax collector. Lillian’s role model is Oprah Winfrey because of her strength and her mom because she has always believed in her and encouraged her to follow her dreams.

The reason she joined the Big Brother contest because ‘the platform, it provides and the publicity that comes with it, and the money’. If she wins the grand prize, she will invest in her talk show, which is about helping upcoming talents.


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