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Big Brother Africa Unveils Namibia, South Africa And Zambia Contestants

With just a few days to go, Big Brother Africa ‘Hot Shots’ has unveiled more contestants.

Permithias, who will represent Namibia, is a professional sushi chef. He was inspired to enter the Big Brother ‘Hotshots’ contest because he’s been watching the show for years and decided to give it a go. His mom is his role model because she has managed to provide for the family through blood, sweat and tears. If he wins the competition, he will use the money to take care of his mom and open up a restaurant as well.


South Africa will be represented by Nhlanhla, who is a business analyst with a degree in information systems. He entered the contest because ever since he saw his first season he knew he wanted to be part of it. ‘I just knew that I wanted to be on the show myself, and wanted to take the opportunity to have my personality spread all over the world.

With the whole of Africa watching 24/7, he finds the show rather nerve wracking, but says it’s a great feeling knowing the whole continent will be watching. His mom is his inspiration because she sacrificed a lot to get him where he is today.


Zambia’s Resa is an event planner, MC and public speaker. She says she won’t try to be something she’s not, ‘No pretence, I’m an open book, I don’t hide my struggles because they’ve shaped me into who I am and I’ve used them as stepping stones,’ she says. ‘Also, lots of dancing and definitely lots of laughter.’ She joined Big Brother with hopes of winning the grand prize to settle her mom’s debts. ‘She has moved heaven and earth to ensure that I get my honours degree and in the process, she has incurred debts.


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