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Big Brother Hotshots Heats Up… You Won’t Believe What They Up To

With just two days into the Big Brother Hotshots competition, things are already heating up.

Day 1, which was low key got turned up after supper when Biggie released the alcohol to the housemates. Amidst laughter, games and loose tongues that came from the housemates enjoying drinks, Namibia’s Permithias and Uganda’s Esther were determined to put a halt on whoever tried to find a good night’s sleep. While some tried to sleep, the two housemates became more noisy and went as far as raising some sleeping housemates. Esther with her loud laughter kept housemates awake while Permithias jumped on others to rouse them from sleep.

A day later, things took a new twist with Nigeria’s Lillian getting a derriere massage from Nambia’s Luis. With that said, things are getting heated up pretty fast, we shall keep you updated as it unfolds.

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