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Big Brother Hotshots: Uganda’s Esther Opens Up About Failed Marriage

Ugandan representative Esther opened on her failed marriage of nine months.


Speaking with fellow housemates, Esther confessed she had the shortest marriage in Uganda which only lasted nine months.

Asking the housemates not to laugh, she revealed that the marriage was really hard. ‘I said to myself, I can’t torture myself because of my dad, I was always thinking about my dad, he would be embarrassed, his friends what would people say. But at one point, it was too much for me, I wasn’t eating.’


She goes on to say, he was a good guy to other people, but to her, people had no idea what she was going through because they were not in her marriage. So calling her names on Facebook like she’s a ‘Brat‘ were not helping but rather heartbreaking.

Breaking down, Tayo and Sabina try to calm her down as her sobs intensified. It’s no wonder she didn’t want to talk about it in the first place, but when the other housemates shared their stories, she felt obliged to also pitch in.


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