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Big Eye ‘Depressed’ Over UGX.340Million Debt, Begs President Museveni To Bail Him Out

The effects of coronavirus crisis are starting to bite hard as many people are already broke after staying for too long in lockdown which was decreed as a preventive measure to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

Among the most affected have been musicians because their performances have been banned especially in public places that attract crowds. And most are now broke as he ban has not yet been lifted with many now resorting to online concerts as a consolation and to stay relevant.

However, one man who cannot take it any longer is Ibrahim Mayanja commonly known as Big Eye who came out shedding bucketfuls of tears while lamenting how he is suffering from depression mostly because of a UGX.340million debt he is choking on.

The star boss who doubes as the Big Music Entertainment boss took to Facebook t air his troubles and frustrations through a live video chat to his fans and followers looking frail and cast fallen.

His troubles stem from a debt of UGX.340m accumulated from a posh house that he wanted to buy my paying in installments. He says he had already deposited UGX.60million as first installment, but got stuck after he stopped earning from performances that started with some sections of fans pelting him with stones whenever he appeared on stage at any concert.

Dpressed Big ye is thinking hard on his next move after running into trouble over debts

Just when he was still contemplating on which move to take next after cancelling most of his shows, the coronavirus pandemic added salt to injury when it struck, causing more havoc. This has left him with the balance of UGX.340million to top up and time is running out.

In the video, Big Eye explains that, he has since run into big trouble with money lenders with whom he had a deal to furnish the house project, now they have put a nee on his neck and he can’t breathe.

Big Eye has now begged President Yoweri Museveni to come to his aid and help sort out this mess after his attempt to talk to NRM bigwigs fell on hard rock as they claim to be busy nursing their own frustrations hence the move to use social media to pour all his frustration.



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