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Big Eye’s Ex Don Zella Swears Never To Take Him Where She Buried ‘Their’ Twins

In a Facebook live video not many days ago, struggling singer Big Eye lamented how he has allegedly run so broke and is choking of debts

In response, his USA based ex girlfriend Sheilah Don Zella laughed off his claims and instead said that his problems started right from the day he denied the fact that he is the father of the pair of twins (RIP) Sheilah had given birth too and this rubbed Big Eye the wrong way.

The ‘Indicator’ singer in another video on his Facebook page although it was later deleted, he dares Don to take him together with a group of journalists to the place where she buried the twins. This on reaching her ears, she fired back citing that it is instead a trick, told to him by his witchdoctor to know the place, exhume the bodies and carry out some rituals.

She claims that she knows Big Eye for a person who practices witchcraft and he therefor wants to use that chance, if shown the burial place, to apologize to the twins’ souls over neglecting them.

“You are telling me to take you where I buried the children, what have you been waiting for all along? Now your witchdoctor told you to go and check out where they were buried so that you can go and carryout your rituals. You will not know there because you don’t even deserve to know and you will suffer forever”  Bitter Don Zella said in a YouTube live video.

That aside, Big Eye who claimed he couldn’t keep it to himself a few days ago disclosed how  he is running broke. He shed bucketfuls of tears while lamenting how he is suffering from depression caused by mainly brokenness on top of choking on a Ug Shs 340 million debt

The debt came after buying a posh house to pay in installments. He claims that he had already deposited Ug Shs 60 million as the first installment, but got stuck after he stopped earning from performances that started with some sections of fans pelting him with stones and bottles whenever he appeared on stage at any concert all because of his show of support for ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM)

His lamentation has given birth to mixed reactions from social media users and his issues has been  one of the hot topics of discussion on some Radio and TV shows.

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