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Big Money Sponsors Jumping Aboard Kirya Live Concert

Just two days after Maurice Kirya announced the date of his concert, corporate companies have jumped in to  sponsor his event that is scheduled for 29th July. The show has had alot of hype building up due to previous impressions with the 1st and 2nd editions.

Maurice-Kirya cut

Maurice Kirya ready to bring the wow factor

House Of Deejays has already signed onto Maurice Kirya’s concert and all its handling. House of Deejays is the company that hosts the famous Blankets and Wines events and Qwela Junction. They have made themselves a name in the events industry and are also known for pulling numbers and being organized which is one of the reasons why Maurice Kirya could have signed them up for this so easily.

The Ugandan artiste who is highly respected in Africa and beyond is one with a simple lifestyle and exceptional music with a Ugandan touch and feel to it. He has always has sold out shows in Uganda and around the world, and it’s anticipated that this year will be even bigger for him due to a huge catalog of material he has pending release. All you have to do is watch out.

Maurice Kirya 1

Maurice Kirya performs at the previous Kirya Live 2013.

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