Big Trill Continues To ‘Parte After Parte’ At Guvnor DJ Snap Off Party

We are never going to get tired of this ‘Parte After Parte’ thing, are we? Okay may be not in the near figure and as long as  the party never seizes in this banana republic we are on big time.

Well, we were at it again last night as Singleton  hosted it’s DJ Snap Off Party for the September edition at the premium club Guvnor in Industrial Area.

As is usually the norm, it was a DJ affair as the Club’s top spinners led by the legendary Selector Jay did their magic on the turn tables. The scratches, the spins and the fades only added to the excitement of the revellers who enjoyed every bit of the moment. The wiggles and giggles that followed, need no explanation.

They turned up in droves especially the youthful energetic type with all sorts of alluring dress cord and swaggerific demeanor. This was their night and campus was to be forgotten for a moment.

Big Trill flows with his fans as he does his thing at Guvnor last night.

They say good things happen to those who wait and indeed this was proven true last night as the revellers had to wait till 3am for the guest performer and man of the moment Big Trill to come and preach his ‘Parte after Parte’ now viral phenomenon.

By this time his diehard fans had waited enough and couldn’t hold any longer. So when the lanky rapper stepped on the floor, it was party time. “Face Ya Zari, Figure ya Luzinda” they chanted along not forgetting the ‘Giddem, Geddem, Giddem’, rhythm.

The fans enjoyed every minute of the performance like this young lady here.

Time was not a good ally so after a few flows from the word smith; it was time to ‘Parte after Parte’. And that Kangaroo dance move was all over the place with beaming smiles flowering the already lit Guvnor dance floor. That was it and the party continued till wee hours of Saturday.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Big Tril said that he picked the line from a viral video of Pastor Martin Ssempa who was lamenting on how the youth are going for party after party instead of doing constructive stuff.

“I already had a beat, so when I listened to the party after party line, I immediately hit the studio and recorded the song and I am glad people love it,” He said.

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