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Bishop Luwalira’s Attacker Likely To Face Charges Of Threatening Violence

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Who knew what was going to happen hadn’t one Kaddu Herbert, 35  fallen down closer to the main alter at Namirembe Cathedral, Kampala in an a failed attempt to harm the head of the mother diocese of the Anglican Church in Uganda, Bishop Kityo Luwalira who was presiding over the early morning service on Easter day, Sunday the 1st of April.

Kaddu’s intentions are still scanty but although he ran very fast to complete his mission, the ‘power of the lord’ stopped him according to the bishop, thus quickly being subdued and taken away but security. However, Luwalira seemed not shaken at all and he instead promptly continued with the service after the chaos.

“How I wish he was running to receive Jesus Christ but maybe he was running to destroy but the power of the lord arrested him and we have to give glory to God”  Bishop Luwalira said

Watch Herbert Kaddu’s failed attempt to harm Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira

 However, after his arrest, Police issued a statement reading that Kadu (the attacker) is set to be charged with threatening violence

 “Police is likely to prefer charges of threatening violence under SD REF. 03/01/04/2018 although establishing his motive is also of importance to us,” Read the Police statement

On the other hand, some sources told police that the Kaddu was insane  and Chano8 was further informed that a mental check is going to be carried on him and if found positive, he will be referred to a mental rehabilitation centre and if not police shall proceed with criminal charges against him

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