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Blankets And Wine… What You Missed

Blankets and wine which is an East African afro-based picnic music styled festival designed to showcase outstanding musicians left fans thrilled yesterday.

The festival turned out to be a star studded event with celebrities like Gaetano, Flavia, Toniks, Salvado and Judith Heard among others turning up. With the sun at its peak revelers could be seen hiding under umbrella’s hoping for it to set.

When Brain Mugenyi stepped on stage it seemed like the heat was all but forgotten, as fans got up into a groovy mood, others could be seen nodding their heads in slow motion and waving their hands like they just don’t care.

If that wasn’t enough, Ruyonga took it to a whole new level, the energy got shot through the roof, fans ululated in that when his time was up they kept screaming for a repeat of ‘Muhiilire’, like any other talented artiste would do, he got behind the mic and delivered. Flawless performance and with that said revelers surely got their money’s worth.

The festival was closed off by the amazing ‘Just A Band’ from Kenya. There acoustics were too awesome that they got fans running up on stage. Comedian Salvador was also taken up by the hype as he showed his dance moves on stage.

Blankets and Wine was surely a major success and for the first time, the after party was also hosted at the National Museum. Fans stayed until the wee hours of the night.

Below are more of the pictures.

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