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Blogger Ray Supasta Trashes TV Presenter Straka’s Comeback Over Dress Code

After working for 14 years at the now defunct WBS TV, in July 2016, when the station was on the verge of closure, veteran presenter Straka Mwezi was asked to host her “Late Show” for free or leave.

Straka ought to have chosen the latter as from that time until the then Naguru based TV station closed. She then joined Biliv TV and Life TV but her stint at these TVs ended mysteriously thus being off TV for a while

She is now back with a big bang although this time round she will be on Facebook TV hosting a show titled “Takeover” that is set to start on 14th May, running every Friday from 10 PM until morning

She has been up and down promoting the new show with her fans getting excited about her comeback but city Facebook blogger Ray Supasta isn’t impressed with her comeback, all because of her dress code.

According to his personal and rather overhyped opinion which he posted on Facebook , Ray feels like Straka should have rebranded by changing her old dress code of leggings, boots, coloured hair and tops for a better TV comeback.

“Straka there is no way you can be off TV for almost 10 yrs, and then you come back with an online show with same & exact image you had a decade ago. There is something called REBRANDING.You think when u made it big on the screens in the same exact leggings, boots, hair and such tops nti you will come bk many yrs later and still make it big with the same old look? No Wayyyy!!” Reads Ray Supasta’s post in part.

Blogger Ray Supasta trashed veteran TV presenter Straka Mwezi’s comeback over dress code

As if that wasn’t enough, the blogger went ahead to claim that Straka didn’t bother buying new cloths as she picked the same old ones she used to wear while at WBS, to shoot the promo video for her upcoming show.

He also advised her to adapt to what he termed as “new fashion” and gave her examples of what he thinks are fashionable TV hosts like Zahara Toto, Ray P, Anna Talia, Fifi Parker, Tashi Hubby, Gabbie Ntaate, Haffy Powers, Lynda Ddane, Etania, Caroline Marca, Fifi Da Queen, Diana Nabatanzi, Sheila Salta and Tina Teise

“Their fashion sense is on point. There is no way u will break into that circle, and also influence the current TV audience that is full of Millenials when you still dress like you want to influence Halimah Namakula, Annet Nandujja or Fred Sebatta age groups” Ray added

Meanwhile, some Facebook users are not in agreement with Ray’s opinion like a one Unbreakable Iryn who said

Sometimes not all trends work for anyone.let her be that way those who follow her will.depending if the show makes sense.its not really the dressing people look at”

“Why would u want to force someone be what u want…. Straka made her name from nothing to something and people didn’t like her coz of her dress code” Said another









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