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Bobi Wine And Nubian Li To Treat Fans To Yet Another Online Concert

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Online concerts have become a big thing in Uganda during the lockdown. The new trend has not only given artistes an opportunity to kill boredom, but also a platform to interact with their fans who miss to see them perform

One of the artistes who has held an online concert is Bobi Wine. On 10th May, he alongside his singing partner Nubian Li took viewers on a exquisite live music tour at the Ensasage Mu Nyumba Quarantine Special 2020 Concert that boasted 30,000 people watching live and these figures have not been seen in recent times as far as online concerts and events are concerned in the Pearl Of Africa.

The concert whose production was near to perfection left many fans yearning to watch more and some critics named it the best ever online concert in Uganda

In partnership with Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Sub-Saharan Africa  Bobi Wine and Nubian Li will be live yet again to perform for their fans at the ‘Freedom Live Show’ on Sunday starting at 4PM.

“This Sunday, Nubian and I, in partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Sub-Saharan Africa, will host you to a cool musical afternoon. Just charge your phone and load your data, ebilala bikwase Kyagulanyi. Are you ready???” Read Bobi’s statement on social media.

While asked why he decided to put up the show at 4 PM instead of evening time like the previous time, Bobi Wine said that they end the show by 6PM because of the curfew rules and “mean LDUs”

Bobi Wine during the previous online concert in May

Meanwhile, holding online shows comes in at a time when for almost two years, government has been cancelling Bobi Wine’s concerts citing that each time he takes to the stage, he says controversial things attacking the government.


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