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Bobi Wine Angry About The Cancer Machine Situation

It’s ironic how we often forget things worth remembering but remember the things worth forgetting. It was on these grounds that Bobi Wine once again brought the issue of the cancer machine back to life. The cancer machine saga was the most trending thing back in April but it seems like several people let it go as time passed. However, the ghetto president still wonders whether something was done about it,

“Wait a minute,when did we last talk about the cancer machine,was it solved? I found my self thinking about it and getting very angry. Dear MPS,now that you received part of your bounty,how about you look into the plight of the people you represent…just suggesting,” he said.

Bobi Wine still wondering about the cancer machine situation in Mulago

Bobi Wine still wondering about the cancer machine situation in Mulago

Ever since the news that Mulago doesn’t have a functional cancer machine broke, many Ugandans have felt angered with the news while as others suggested fundraising for the national hospital. As several stories made rounds, the cancer ward clarified that they did buy the radiotherapy machine in 2013 but haven’t built a banker for it yet. This further angered some people well as other celebrities like Bobi Wine came out and tried to shine a light on the whole issue.

‘Informed activism is powerful! I want to know: who is responsible for managing the budget and schedule of the bunker construction (politicians, technocrats, construction company)? What kind of cars are they driving? How hard are they working to #SaveMulago? Who else is working hard to care for cancer patients outside of our government, and how can we support them?’ Bobi Wine said in April.

He concluded by calling on people to wake up and hold these officials accountable.

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