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Bobi Wine And Barbie Celebrate Their 5th Wedding Anniversary

Barbie Kyagulanyi is one of the most respectable women in the entertainment industry mostly because of the way she carries herself around, while Bobi Wine on the other hand is a self-proclaimed Ghetto president. When the two announced their wedding plans five years ago, many thought their relationship wouldn’t last but it has yielded four children so far.

Their wedding was referred to as the most luxurious by any musician going by the people who attended it. From royals, business tycoons, musicians, journalists and to ‘down town’ people who constitute his biggest fan base.

Bobi Wine took to social media to talk about their journey,

It was #Saturaday27thAugust2011 when I had the most amazing day of my life, My wedding day . Today is #Saturaday27thAugust and it’s exactly five years of #HolyMatrimony….and Fifteen years of the sweetest love affair. Thank you Barbie for trusting me with your heart. I am still indebted to the wedding committee that gave us the best wedding I’ve ever dreamed of,Thanks to my sister Mirembe Irene and your husband Muko Kayemba,thanks to Mr.Godfrey Kirumira for chairing our meetings and to all of you friends who contributed,I am forever grateful. It’s like only yesterday.

Barbie and Bobi Wine couldn't be happier as they made 5 years in marriage

Barbie and Bobi Wine couldn’t be happier as they made 5 years in marriage

While his wife Barbie said,

On this day 5 years ago, my prince charming stood in front of me amidst the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen and asked me a question I’d waited 10 years to hear him ask. Before the world and God, I said “I do” and Babe, I still do. I have not changed my mind about the answer I gave you then. Thanks for honouring me and giving me a dream wedding. Something beyond my imagination and too beautiful for an ordinary girl like me. All my years with you have been bliss. 15 YEARS and yet its as if we met yesterday. I must say they’ve been the most exciting of my life. You’ve brightened up my world and am excited to see the years ahead. Happy anniversary #BobiWine you mean the world to me..

We at Chano8 wish the lovely couple a happy anniversary.

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