Bobi Wine Calls For Unity At Busaabala Fest

Bobi Wine was reported to have said that he was having a concert at Namboole stadium about five months ago and that left us wondering why he decided to do exactly that, having held the previous five or more concerts at his Busaabala beach but it later turned out that it was just a rumour when he personally announced the date of his ‘Aidah Bikwase Kyagulanyi concert.

The date was last Saturday evening and Busaabala was full although not like it has always been when he launches. People went to the venue early and caught up with activities such as beach volleyball, beach soccer while many feasted on fish and other snacks, waiting for night to catch some entertainment.


Ghetto gladiator HE Bobi Wine performing at the Aidah Bikwase Kyagulanyi concert at his One Love beach- Busaabala

And it wasn’t long when their wish came true as Daxx Kartel started with the performances at 6pm. He entertained the crowd to the fullest and before Mesach Semakula, Fefe Busi, Lyto Boss and others came on, revellers were already fired up.

Bobi Wine stepped on stage at 10pm and after recognizing the presence of a few notable guests that included politicians, he kicked off with his performances. He treated his audience to songs from when he started out until the latest. Doing songs like ‘Mazzi Mawanvu’, ‘Kagoma’, ‘Tomusobola’, ‘Carolyna’ and ‘Kadigo’ among others.



He then called on stage Nubian Lee and together they performed songs they have like ‘Promise’, ‘Kigwa Leero’, ‘Ndi Muna Uganda’, ‘Aidah’ but before that, the ghetto gladiator called on Ugandans to be united despite the political and cultural disturbances in the country. “We might be of different races, religions and backgrounds, but one fact remains vital. And that is we are Ugandans,” He said.


Bobi Wine call for unity at the Aidah Bikwase Kyagulanyi concert

Bobi Wine also invited Democratic Party president Nobert Mao on stage to say a few words because he was the guest of honour before introducing most Fire Base crew members.


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