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Bobi Wine Calls For Unity In The Entertainment Industry

In a state of the nation address musically, Bobi Wine called for the unity among artistes especially after the death of AK47 and refused to hit at Bebe Cool.

Bobi Wine advocates for unity in the entertainment industry.

Bobi Wine advocates for unity in the entertainment industry.

In an interview with NTV The Beat, Bobi Wine decided never to look at the negatives in the industry ever again because it yields nothing. “I’ve decided to only look at the positives in the music industry because we all need to unite. Negative aspects only separate us and at this rate we have to help each other if the industry is to grow.”

He also added. “We are like a family whereby if something happens to one of us, it concerns all of us at some point so from this point forth, no more negativity.”

The “Paradiso” artiste in a related development said he was so disappointed by Muzaata’s allegations that Baganda are not benefiting from the collection of money by the Katikilo. “Contrary to Muzaata’s allegations, we have benefited a lot and we are still benefiting because “Masengele” building that had taken over 20 years is soon to be opened, scholarships are being awarded to Baganda kids all over the country and the Buganda shrines are soon to be opened as well. All that from the 7billion shillings collected so far. So Muzaata should apologize to his highness the Kabaka, Baganda, Christians, Moslems and the entire Uganda for the statements he made,” Bobi Wine concluded.

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