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Bobi Wine Calls On Public To Save Child Battling Heart Disease

Ugandans have really shown their good will in recent weeks when several people including celebrities like Bobi Wine, Salvado, Alex Muhangi, Coco Finger and companies joined hands to fundraise for Carol Atuhirwe who is battling cancer.


Bobi Wine has been using his voice to bring about positive change

Having raised more than enough money for Carol’s treatment, Bobi Wine is now asking his fans and well wishers to help fundraise for Elimia Muwonge a one-year-old boy who is battling a heart disease.

‘He has a hole in the heart and needs urgent surgery. The doctors at Mulago Heart Institute say it will cost about 20million,‘ the ghetto president said before going on to add, ‘His mother Nakate Hasfa came and asked me to help her reach out to good Samaritans to help fundraise to save his life. Anybody out there with help or advice,please reach her on 0755385642. Together we can ‪#‎SaveMuwonge‬’

Bobi Wine with Muwonge and his mother

Bobi Wine with Muwonge and his mother Hasfa

Ever since the election period Bobi Wine has further positioned himself as a mentor of the youth and his motivational voice has seen him win over more fans. Not only is he involved in helping the needy but also often calls upon people to exercise their civil rights. At the World Press Freedom Day, he said,

Artists are the mirrors of society. We only reflect the truth about society,so if you look into the mirror and you don’t like what you see,don’t break the mirror or lock it away but you should rather check yourself.’

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