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Bobi Wine Challenges Bebe Cool To Apologize To The People of South Sudan Within A Week

Ghetto president Bobi Wine has begged fellow musician Bebe Cool to apologize to the people of South Sudan.

A very thoughtful Bobi Wine posted a screen shot of Bebe Cool’s message to the people of South Sudan and captioned it.

‘OK, I must express my disappointment. Governments of different countries have always had misunderstandings, some even go to war, but this has never stopped the citizens of those countries from working together.’

‘Allow me to remind you big brother that some time ago the governments of Uganda and Rwanda had some misunderstandings and the two armies even clashed in Kisangani, take an example of the Uganda /Kenya clash over #migingoIsland etc… But government, business never stopped citizens of the two countries from living like brothers and sisters.’

‘We all do not want governments of other countries to deny our people work opportunities because we accommodate theirs, but I think it’s rather careless to attack an ENTIRE POPULATION OF A COUNTRY because of a government policy.’

‘I have personally done some business with South Sudanese and a lot of them are good people. ‘When Amin expelled Indians from Uganda in the 1970s, if the Indians had your kind of mindset, You would not have Sudir seated in your audience today. So Mr. Bebe Cool, I CHALLENGE YOU TO APOLOGIZE TO THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH SUDAN.’

‘It will save you a lot of hate and it will build a good relationship between our people, Ugandans and Sudanese. NB:This challenge is valid for only Seven days (1week).’


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