Bobi Wine continues To Set Bar High As He Holds Yet Another Successful Online Show

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  • When veteran singer Bobi Wine told his fans to “charge their phones and buy data” prior to his show, it wasn’t just about creating hype but he was rather getting them prepared and set for what we are comfortable calling be best local online music show over the weekend.

Following the government directives as regards to stopping of Covid 19, public gatherings which include music concerts were suspended and any artiste who had to do one, had to do it online, and to Bobi, this was his second concert following the first one which broke the record of registering the biggest number of views an online show has ever had on 10th May.

Full of energy, Bobi alongside his entourage headed to his owned One Love Busaabala where the show in partnership with Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Sub-Saharan Africa was successfully held.

He was ready to take his fans on an awesome online music performance and this is what together with his singing partner Nubian Li and group of selected members to make a band, did. Among them was guitarists Myko Ouma and Aziz Azion (also a singer), saxophonist Joseph Sax among other instrumentalist.

He did things in a different style by singing on water and land. For the first part of the show, he sang while sailing on one of his engine boats on Lake Victoria with the band onboard too. Among the songs he sang are ‘Ebibuuzo’, ‘Situka’, ‘Uganda’ and ‘Byekwaaso’,

It was more of a music and conversation show. After and before singing a song, he had a time to talk about some of the injustices going in the country and encourage the youth and Ugandans at large

The second session on land saw him perform songs like ‘Kigwa Leero’, ‘Abulungi Balumya’, ‘Osobola’, ‘Specioza’, ‘Time Bomb’, ‘Freedom’, ‘United Forces Of Change’, ‘Dembe’, ‘Engule’ alongside King Saha and Dr Hilderman, ‘Kyarenga’ and finally ‘Kasukali Keeko’ which saw all the people that had accompanied him, including his song Solomon Kampala join him to dance to the song

From production to the band, to the way Bobi presented himself performing everything looked perfectly planned



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