Bobi Wine Disappointed In Chameleone And Local Artistes Who Went To Meet General Saleh For Handouts

A few days ago, a group of local artistes under Uganda Musicians Association and the newly formed United Musicians Super Stars Association had a meeting with Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) boss General Salim Saleh at his Gulu City office.

The meeting was mainly about seeking handouts to help them through this hard time when social events and hangout places (where they have been earning bread from), are on suspension because of Covid-19 outbreak.

Among these artistes, was veteran and celebrated musician Jose Chameleone who is the president of the newly formed and controversial United Musician Super Stars Association (UMSA) who has been in the entertainment news for the formation of this association that is said to be parallel to Uganda Musicians Association (UMA).

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Their meeting with Saleh has also become a big and hot topic of discussion on Radio and TV stations, without forgetting social media where people have even referred to them as ‘beggars’ among other names.

Meanwhile, as this has been going on, Bobi Wine (another celebrated veteran singer) has been silent until on Thursday when he said something about it.

In a lengthy post shared on his official Facebook page that boats over 2 million followers, the Afrobeat and Raggamuffin singer also a former presidential candidate in Uganda’s recently held general elections in January 2021, expressed his disappointment in UMA and these artistes whom he accused of bending down to get handouts from government, which he claims “destroyed the music industry”.

“…….Uganda Musician’s Association (UMA), an association which we started to fight for the industry has been loudly silent about all this injustice. It was reduced to a beggars’ association. It is very sad to see that the very person who destroyed the music industry has finally been able to make artistes bow down in humiliation to worship him. Oh what a shame!” Reads Bobi Wine’s post in part.

The “Kyarenga” singer also claims that that whole objective of this is to divide artistes. “The objective is to divide artistes and cause them to fight against each other because Gen. Museveni believes in the divide and rule concept”. He wrote.

Bobi also noted that before going to meet General Saleh, they should have asked themselves why they weren’t instead invited to a Ministry responsible for the arts and what a military general has to do with organizing the arts.

The singer who seemed angry from the tone of his post, said that these artistes are “blind to see that they’re being used to their own detriment” concluded by encouraging “well meaning artistes especially the young, to believe in the values of hard work and patience”

Read Bobi Wines full post about local artistes’ meeting with OWC leader General Saleh below;


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