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Bobi Wine Excites Fans At Zone7 With ‘Situka’

It was a chilly night last night at Zone7 in Bugolobi where Janzi Band were having their weekly live band show that happens every Wednesday.

As usual it was a full house and the band that has grown in leaps and bounds over the past three years was entertaining their ardent fans with some sweet melodies mostly of cover songs as Jacinta and Jimmy Lubwama sang away into the hearts and souls of the adoring fans as they belted tunes from Uganda, West Africa and on the international scene.

Despite interruptions caused by power outages and a slight drizzle  a few songs into their performances, the band kept the patient crowd lively, and glued as they enjoyed proceedings on stage.


Janzi Band were on top form as usual

Just as the show was threatening to end as like any other normal Janzi performance, came the surprise guest performer in form of nothing but the Ghetto Gladiator himself who got the crowd on their feet as soon was coming on next.


Bobi performing at Zone7 last night

The fans yelled and screamed as they jumped up and down like excited toddlers who just received their first toy in life. They sang along as the band played tunes of ‘Singa’ and live music dye hard fan Kanyike ‘Mr Dynamite’ held tightly on the self proclaimed Ghetto President on his way to stage.



The fans could not stay in their seats

The singer who seems to have won over a new fan base following his recent political fews and association with FDC president Dr. Kizza Besigye and opposition politicians, received wild cheers when he replaced the lyrics of the song to beg president Yoweri Museveni to hand over power to Kizza Besigye.


These fans could not hide their excitement

“If I were Museveni, I would now hand over power to Besigye” he sang in luganda to the excitement of his fans. He then crowned his short appearance with his latest song ‘Situka’ in which he expresses his political views as the fans sang along and when he left the stage, the crowd was left yearning for more.

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