Bobi Wine Excites Revellers Again At Rebel Salute Festival In Jamaica

Last year in January, veteran musician Bobi Wine, made history as the first Uganda artiste to perform at the annual Rebel Salute which is one of Jamaica’s oldest two-day Reggae Music festivals aimed at the preservation of Reggae

He staged a wowing performance that caught revellers’ attention and a year later, Bobi was invited again for the 2020 edition which took place on Friday 17th to Saturday the 18th of January at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in St Ann, Jamaica.

Unlike last year when he was alone on stage, this time round he was in company of his singing partner Nubian Li with whom they have been friends and doing music together for a longtime

They took to stage on Saturday at 5:55 AM (1:55 PM Ugandan time) clad in African print attire and of course red People Power berets and sparked off their 25 minutes’ live performance with ‘By Far’, ‘Mr Katala’ before he paused and reintroduce himself

“Greetings brothers and sisters my name is Bobi Wine aka Kyagulanyi Ssentamu original name, aka  Ghetto president aka Uganda’s next president. I come from Uganda aka Wakanda, aka the Pearl of Africa aka the garden of Eden and I bring the message of freedom.” Excited Bobi said

He later resumed his performance with ‘Time Bomb’, ‘United Forces Of Change’, freestyle on the ‘Capital P Riddim’, ‘Xenophobia’, ‘Uganda’ and finalised with ‘Freedom’.

Bobi Wine and Nubian Li performing at Rebel Salute 2020

Just like he did last year, he also had time to furthermore express his disappointment in the Ugandan government which has put a ban on all his music shows back home, thanking the Rebel Salute organisers for giving him a platform far away from home

He also called upon Jamaicans and black people at large to look out for Africa and Africans and connect with them

Watch Bobi Wine’s full performance at Rebel Salute 2020 in Jamaica




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