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Bobi Wine Explains Why He Showed Up For Dr Besigye’s Court Session

As everyone still doubted where he really belongs in the political circles after most of his nemesis chose NRM as their political side, Bobi Wine is each and every passing day getting closer to FDC.

The ‘Situka’ artiste has visited Besigye twice at his Kasangati home, he has visited him at Luzira prison and yesterday was among the people in court during the FDC leader’s session along with Ronald Mayinja of Golden Band.

Because of this gesture which has raised people’s eyebrows on the relationship between the two public figures, some fans  have started questioning the artiste’s interest in politics saying it goes against the message in his songs that claim Politics is for the corrupt, Bobi Wine retaliated and said.


Bobi Wine (left) with Ronald Mayinja in the court session

“For every crooked politician, there is a dedicated leader who sees the way, goes the way and shows the way. I’ve grown to realize that our problem is not just the words and activities of the bad people; it is the silence and inactivity of the good people. When we were young, we never wanted to take responsibility, but as we grow, responsibility finds us. It’s our responsibility to create a Uganda that we can be proud of; we don’t do this for anybody else but ourselves.”


Bobi Wine with Ronald Mayinja ecstatic after the court ruling

Remember  the Ghetto president was also very active during the election period with his songs released during that time carrying heavy political connotations. Could this be the start of Bobi Wine’s long walk to active politics? We shall keep you posted on any details regarding this matter.

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