Bobi Wine Exposes Fraudsters Using A Facebook Page In His Name To Extort Money

Ugandans will always take advantage of everything that happens whether bad or good. From the time musician-turned politician Bobi Wine real names Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi joined politics, he has been one of the most trending individuals. This also means that his social media platforms have also grown and his official Facebook page is one of the most followed pages currently.

It is for this matter therefore that some social media fraudsters have taken it upon themselves and created a fake Facebook page in Bobi Wine’s name to satisfy their selfish interests. Creating the page wouldn’t be a big deal if only they were using it for positive reasons or pushing his agenda.

It became too much shameful that the fake page administrators posted asking the public to send mobile money to telephone numbers they provided apparently  for the public all in the name of ‘facilitating’ Bobi Wine’s political struggle. When this came to Bobi’s attention, he decided to expose the page and the people behind it.

“It has come to my attention that several fake Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts have been opened and are being operated in my name. It has also come to my attention that some unscrupulous people are going about soliciting money from unsuspecting members of the public in my name, claiming that the money is meant to facilitate our struggle. Our teams are already reporting these fake pages to Facebook and Twitter to have them closed”. Bobi Wine wrote on his official Facebook page

The page which was created by fraudsters to collect money from the public.

The ‘Kyarenga’ hit singer advised his fans not to send money to those numbers and instead report these fake accounts.

“Please do not send money to any such people. Any legitimate communication from us is always posted on our official pages. Please report and expose the fake pages” Wrote Bobi Wine on his official page.

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