Bobi Wine Gets Emotional After Meeting His Childhood Role Model Buju Banton

Bobi Wine is still in Jamaica but as most people expected him to still be talking about his performance at Rebel Salute Festival over the weekend, the musician-cum-politician is talking about his meeting with a the legendary Ragga and Reggae singer Buju Banton.

Bobi Wine wrote on his social media pages that meeting Buju was the most emotional day of his life.

“Meeting my childhood idol, a man who inspired me so much as I grew up was one of the best experiences I could ask for. I saw him. I touched his skin. We had a conversation. I can confirm that #Buju_Banton is free, alive and well,” Bobi wrote.

Bobi further said that he sat and listened to his idol, the way a child would to a father and that their talk was so captivating and very spiritual.

“It felt like I was seated under an oracle of wisdom. Wisdom flowing without end. Buju Banton the great! It was very pleasant to see that the seven years he spent in jail did not break him. As a matter of fact he is even stronger!”

Buju also reminded Bobi that jail is part of the price those who fight for freedom must pay before things get better.

Buju Banton who was served a 10 year sentence in jail was finally released from Mc Rae Correctional Facility in Georgia, USA on Friday the 7th of December 2018 and deported back to his home country Jamaica where he currently is waiting to perform at a series of concerts he has been booked for


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