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Bobi Wine Hails Man Who Gave Him A Jacket To Disguise Himself From Police

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Like earlier promised, yesterday the 11th of July was the promised day for a peaceful demonstration to show dissatisfaction to government over the implementation of the social media and mobile money taxes on Sunday the 1st of July.

The demo called by musician turned-politician Bobi Wine was joined by his elder brother Nyanzi aka Chairman Nyanzi, A Pass, Dr Hilderman, producer Dan Magic, NTV’s news reporter Joel Ssenyoyi and NBS TV’s Raymond Mujuni among other youths. It was however cut short as armed Police officers stopped them during their match at City Square

An altercation ensued and in Police’s failed attempt to arrest Bobi Wine and his colleagues, the artiste luckily survived being dragged into the police van as his aides overpowered the officers and ran away with him to the streets of Kiyembe which is one of the busiest places in Kampala city centre

As he Bobi Wine ran through the busy streets of Kiyembe, an unknown person gave him a jacket and a cap which helped him disguse himself not to be identified by Police officers, as he ran to seek refuge at Parliament

For that therefore, having successfully escaped from Police, Bobi Wine took a special time to say thank you to the man who gave him the jacket and cap.

To the Brother who I met in town (kiyembe) and facilitated me with his Jacket and cap so I could find my way to parliament disguised, I salute you. I am looking for you.Bobi Wine posted on his Facebook page

Like Bobi’s post reads, the man should avail himself and may be a big reward from Bobi awaits him

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