Bobi Wine Inspires More Celebrities To Join Politics

There is an added advantage for being a celebrity in Uganda. You get to enter places and events for free where others pay, you get VIP treatment even without money and Bobi Wine has proved that you can also become a member of parliament as well. Not that he is the first musician to be in the August house but he is the one who made the most news.

With this, more celebrities are eager to contest for the top political seat but will have to wait until 2021 to contest in their respective regions.

Bobi has inspired more celebrities to join politics come 2021

The latest we received is that quite a number of radio presenters and musicians are intending to be Members of Parliament in 10th Parliament four years from now.

Among these include Among Patriko Mujuuka, CBS presenter and comedian is intending to run for Nakifuma, Geoffrey Lutaaya, New Eagles proprietor is eying Kyotera, Dr Hilderman has his sights on Mawokota constituency and Golden production musician Ronald Mayinja Gomba.

The Parliamentary hopefuls, if elected to the house will increase the number of entertainers to more than five which gives the industry a strong backbone to address their issues like the copy right law for discussion.


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