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Bobi Wine, Local Celebrities Threaten To Demonstrate Over Social Media Tax

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Uganda has become the first country in Africa if not the whole world to charge taxes for the use of social media and this was implemented on the 1st of this month.

Not only that, the government has also increased mobile money charges which has angered a big number of celebrities who thus came out on behalf of the public to speak about their anger.

Among those include Bobi Wine, comedian Bugingo Hannigton, A Pass, Salvado Idringi and Dr Hilderman among others.

They gathered yesterday morning and held a press conference at Hotel Africana where they said that these new taxes imposed on social media and mobile money will not work.

According to Member of Parliament and at the same time a prominent musician Bobi Wine, the taxes have to be scrapped or else they are going to mobilize the whole country to demonstrate

“This will not work. This can’t work because we have the power in our hands to channel our country to the right direction we want it to go to. In our statement we have asserted that we reject mobile money and social media tax and if they don’t, we are going to mobilize the entire country to exercise their constitutional rights to fight these taxes because this is draining blood out of our bodies,” Bobi Wine said.

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