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“Bobi Wine Pays Media To Hype Him”- Bucha Man Claims

We thought that Ragga singer Buchaman, Fire Base’s former Vice President had moved on from attacking Bobi Wine after the latter became more involved in politics than in music but that seems not to be the case.

A few days to Bobi’s ‘Kyarenga’ concert, Buchaman contacted the Fire Base management to allow him perform but when that failed, he has now decided to attack Bobi again.

Buchaman claims that Bobi Wine’s boat which he says has been helping out in rescuing people survivors and retrieving dead bodies following the Lake Victoria boat accident was not even near the vicinity. He even dared anyone to upload any picture of Bobi’s boat.

“I know Bobi Wine, he will do anything to stay relevant, I was reading fake stories that his boats rescued Ugandans from the lake yet that is a lie, I want someone to upload a photo of Bobi wine’s boat at that venue, those stories are fabricated” said Buchaman.

Bobi Wine last weekend posted while in Ghana that he had instructed his team to take one of his boats to the location where the incident happened and offer any kind of help including searching for lost victims but  Buchaman doesn’t believe

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