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Bobi Wine Promises To Perform In Gulu Soon After Police Blocks His Show

Love it or hate, musician-turned-politician Ssentamu Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine is one of the most sought after Ugandans. The little time he has spent in politics has multiplied his fame a million times to an extent that even if he stops at a petrol station to refuel his car, crowds come to see him.

Despite the too much anticipation his Gulu fans had to watch him perform at the Kyarenga Extra Concert in Gulu which was slated to take place at Smiling Panda pub on Sunday the 2nd of December, it didn’t come to pass as planned after Gulu Police stopped the show from taking place.

According to Bobi Wine, he apparently informed Gulu Police about the show 3 weeks ago but on D-day he was so shocked when Police officers stormed the show’s venue pulling down all the banners and other advertising material without giving any explanation as all they could say was they were doing so on orders from above.

Bobi Wine was slated to perform in Gulu but his concert was blocked by Police

“So yet again, our concert in Gulu has been blocked by the police! We wrote to them three weeks ago informing them of the show and requested them for security. We complied with all the laws and invested a lot of resources preparing for the show. Today, the police showed up at the venue cutting all banners and other advertising material without giving any explanation. Police patrol vehicles have been moving around Gulu town, removing all the banners and posters! The promoters have been trying to call all responsible officers, and all they say is that they ‘orders from above’ not to let me perform.” Read part of Bobi Wine’s Facebook statement.


After all the efforts to have the concert go on failed, Bobi Wine expressed his disappointment by comforting his Gulu fans how very soon he will be performing over there.

“Dear brothers and sisters in Gulu, I was looking forward to having a good time with you tonight. Very soon it will be possible. I know that God willing, one day, we shall free ourselves from this mess and be able to enjoy ourselves in the new Uganda.” Bobi Wine added




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