Bobi Wine Says Everybody Must Be Alert Because “Coronavirus Is Sweeping Mankind”

The coronavus is real and all over the world the pandemic is wrecking havoc. It is now a global crisis as it is affecting everybody. World Health Organisation has issued guidelines and back home Ministry of Health has too issued guidelines to fight the pandemic.

President Yoweri Kaguta Musevni who is at the fore front of fighting this COVID-19, has also passed many stringent measures and decrees to curb the pandemic; emphasizing washing of hands with soap, staying clear of people with flu and cough as well as practicing social distancing

Many prominent personalities including politicians and local celebrities have since added their voices in combating the disease among which is Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine.

Kyagulanyi who is a singer, Social activist and member of parliament of Kyadondo East, says he decided to add his voice in passing a message to the masses through music after having a conversation with his long-time friend and collaborator Nubian Li to put efforts together in the fight against coronavirus.

Bobi Wine has joined the fight against coronavirus by releasing a song to pass his message of sensitizing the masses.

The musician cam Politician released a song called ‘Corona Virus Alert’ to raise awareness about the ways the public can fight against the current pandemic which has been well received by the public. The song with a catchy chorus and simple lyrics is also dance-able. The subtitles in the video make the message easier to pass across.

“The bad news is, everyone is a potential victim. But the good news is that everyone is a potential solution. Sensitize the masses to sanitize. Keep a social distance and quarantine”. Bobi says in the song

 “The coronavirus is sweeping over mankind, everybody must be alert. It’s a global pandemic we can never take for granted, everybody must take charge”.

He hopes it will show people that their actions can help towards fighting the threat of Covid-19 although he also expressed his worry over the state of the health care system in Uganda.

“I have seen the COVID-19 Kill many kill many people in Europe especially Italy but I worry even more when I imagine it in African; in countries like Uganda where the Healthcare system is ailing. It can be such a crisis.

This pandemic is slowly but steadily redefining how we relate as human beings. It has all of a sudden reminded everybody that we are all human beings and we are all vulnerable”. He added

You can listen to the song and watch the video by clicking the link below;


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