Bobi Wine Says He Is ‘Seriously Considering’ To Run For Presidency In 2021

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It seems like musician-turned-politician Bobi Wine who is also Kyadondo East Member of Parliament is taking his young political career very seriously and even ready to take it to the next level.

The legislator has shown interest in the country’s top office if we are to go by his interview on CNN on Thursday night.

Bobi was hosted by CNN’s Robyn Curnow and he said that he is “seriously considering” running for president in the 2021 general elections where he is expected to face Museveni who has ruled Uganda since 1986.

“I and my team, we are seriously considering challenging President Museveni 2021.” Bobi said in a video clip.

Wine added that dictatorships have thrived in Africa by suppressing young people and getting young voters to the polls could help change the game.

“Ugandans cannot be free unless they free themselves from military rule and lawless rule.” Bobi Wine added.

The ‘Situka’ singer said that he started a campaign calling upon all people of Uganda, especially the young people that have been so listless to go ahead and register themselves and become eligible voters instead of being just supporters.

Bobi Wine has been a force to reckon with in Uganda’s politics after his election to Parliament a few years back and because of his popularity, many Ugandans called upon him to be their savior from what they claim is ‘bad governance’

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