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Bobi Wine Shares A Range Of Issues He Discussed With Kizza Besigye

Bobi Wine managed to win over hearts of many during the election period and the singer hasn’t slowed down, he is still impressing several fans and winning over in the process. Yesterday, the Ghetto president took off time his busy schedule and paid the FDC president a visit at his home in Kasagati and addressed the elephant in the room which was the ‘boycott of the Tubonga Nawe artiste shows,’

‘My wife and I had the honour of visiting our neighbour, the people’s president, Dr. Kizza Besigye. During our time together, we talked about a wide range of issues. I brought up the issue of the campaign FDC announced yesterday to boycott my fellow artists that supported NRM in the recent election,’ Bobi Wine said.

Bobi Wine plays his situka song for Kizza Besigye

Bobi Wine plays his situka song for Kizza Besigye

Having preached the message of peace during the entire election period, Situka singer revealed that Besigye listened to him as he addressed his concerns,

‘The leader listened to me as I tried to explain my concern that this could create disharmony among us. What I wish for us is a united Uganda where people can stand for justice while being tolerant and supporting each other,’ Bobi Wine added, ‘he agreed with me that, although sacrifices must be made, we must proceed with a peaceful understanding: we may not share political affiliations, but we share a dream for a FREE and DEMOCRATIC Uganda, where everybody is equal under the law; a Uganda that lives up to her full potential.’

If that wasn’t enough the artiste also got an opportunity to play the acoustic version of his Situuka song for Besigye.

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