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Bobi Wine Stops Traffic To Work On Pothole

Bobi Wine is one artiste who has always voiced his displeasure at the government over their failure to work on certain issues to do with society but today morning, he decided to take matters in his own hands by covering a giant pothole in the middle of a road.

The artiste who was on his way from home blocked Old Kiira Road in Kamwokya after a big pothole in the middle of the road had created traffic jam after a car got stuck in it.

Bobi alongside his firebase crew got out of their car, stopped traffic and started getting small branches of trees and barricaded the pothole.

Bobi use1

Bobi Wine with his Firebase Crew working on the pot hole

“I’m not just being critical but just about four days ago, this “sink hole” right in the middle of Old Kira road caused an accident that claimed 2 senior four students as I watched. Then just hours later, KCCA officials were arresting vendors and closing illegal businesses in the same neighborhood, today morning another fatal accident happened, luckily no one died, So I got the residents together and we did just that. I would like you to call upon the Authority to come and save lives.” Bobi Wine posted on his Facebook wall.

Bobi Use3

Bobi looks on as his crew tries to fill the pothole

It is said that, drivers have been complaining for the last two weeks about the same problem but no action has since been taken by the city authorities. “The two meter pothole had caused several accidents but not even a warning sign was put up to protect the road users.” Said one of the residents on Kira road.

The self-proclaimed ‘Ghetto gladiator’ is behind songs like ‘Tugambile ku Jennifer’, Obululu, corruption and Ebibuuzo among others all intended at voicing his concerns to the government.

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