Bobi Wine Tells His Love Story In ‘Specioza’

Photo by Habre Muriisa
  • His excellence Bobi Wine has a new song called Specioza
  • He explains his love story in the song
  • The song teaches men to stay strong when their girlfriends chuck them

His excellence Bobi Wine is back with a new song and this one is not his usual kind of songs he always does. It instead takes our minds way back in early 90’s ‘Kadongo Kamu’ style.

‘Specioza’ is a vibrant sound that throws your minds to the past and slowly brings them back to the present where Bobi brings a recap of his youthful days before he met his current wife and mother of his 5 children, Barbie. He connects the days when he was in love with a girl he identified as Specioza Nantaba whom he loved to the bits but to his surprise, she chucked him at the climax of his love for her.

Produced by Dream Studio’s Sir Dan Magic, The song is entirely about Bobi’s love story that begins in Kamwokya after falling madly in love with ‘Specioza’ who suddenly wakes up one morning and chucks him. With all the pressure, Bobi pleads dearly but this is all in vain.

Bobi brings out his point in his usual ‘edutainment’ style with him as an example in Luganda lyrics like ‘Singa yali teyankyaawa, sandisobodde funa omukazi ananziimba’ loosely translated as ‘hadn’t she chucked me, I would not have gotten a very supportive woman’.

Although the song’s beats don’t seem to be upbeat, the producer did a very big job as he played with and mixed different musical instruments like the trumpets and drums which make the whole song too irresistible to listen to plus it is a story you would want to follow till the end.


Bobi Wine tell his love story in new song ‘Specioza’ have you listened to it (photo by Habre Muriisa)

Bobi Wine swallowed the bitter pill of being chucked as years later; he meets Specioza in a very sorry and disgusting state because she had ruined her life while in bad groups. Funny enough, she draws closer to the Ghetto president thinking he would now get attracted to her but it was the former.

Bobi is heard explaining what hardships she got him in those days including playing him with other men and when he complained, she told her not to worry because it is the first feeling. All in all, this a song that shows and teaches men not to always cling on girls when they say no to their love proposals.

In conclusion, Bobi confesses that this experience was an eye opener and he was forced to sing this song to enlighten the youth not to cry every time their girlfriends chuck them.

Listen to ‘Specioza’ by Bobi Wine below



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