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Bobi Wine Throws Jibes At Khalifa Aganaga Over Big Shoes

We’ve always known him for throwing jibes at his nemesis Bebe Cool but artiste Bobi Wine can have a go at anyone else for all different reasons.

The ‘Kigwa Leero’ artiste mocked Khalifa Aganaga for his shoe size saying “Khalifa Aganaga is an interesting artiste. His body size is half mine but his shoe size is twice mine.”

He said this after they had linked up to discuss business of whether Khalifa can perform at Busaabala on the 26th of December during the annual Boxing Day fete.


Khalifa and Bobi wine show some love

Khalifa Aganaga who will be the guest performer during the 2nd annual star party at Amnesia next week is pushing two tracks “Akazindalo” and “Four by four” which are really doing greatly.

Speaking about the song ‘Four by four’, Khalifa said he was forced to come up with it going by the speed at which his career is heading. “Four by four is a story about my music career. As others are riding on two wheels, I’m speeding on four. This year has been great for me because I had my first concert and I received my first international nomination this respective year. I have had international tours in different countries. What else would I ask for” He said.



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