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Bobi Wine To Help Repatriate Africans Suffering In China

Singer and politician Bobi Wine together with his friend Neil Nelson the founder and CEO of Atlantablackstar.com have united to rally support for Africans being treated inhumanely in the Guangzhou area of China following the break of Coronavirus.

Images of Africans suffering in China have been making rounds on social media and also covered on mainstream and online media. The images depicting Africans who have been stuck due to the pandemic being racially bused and mistreated, has raised global condemnation with some concerned activists like Bobi Wine deciding to take action as governments are either too busy battling the Covid-19 or just not

“We have appealed to the Government of China to urgently intervene and put an end to these violations”. Bobi Wine said in a statement.

He said they are presently looking to African countries as well as the United States of America to accept and receive the Africans and African-Americans who are being ejected from residences, forced to sleep on streets, denied medical care and mistreated.

“We are offering to airlift them to safety in any willing country. Let’s continue to raise awareness and to appeal to home countries to accept and receive these individuals who are being treated with
extreme indignity”.

Some of the Africans captured sleeping on the streets after allegedly being thrown out by their landlords.

Bobi Wine also said the plight of Africans who have been working and living in China cannot just be ignored as is the case with many countries whose nationals are suffering abroad?

Africans living and working in several parts of China are experiencing incredible pain and suffering.

”Aside from dealing with the terrible effects of #COVID19, they now have to contend with numerous incidents of xenophobia and targeted attacks.

I have these past few days been receiving calls from many Ugandans in China, including our coordinators there. Many of them have been forced onto streets where they have to sleep.

We condemn these targeted attacks and call upon the authorities in China to urgently intervene. A crisis such as this demands humanness and solidarity from all people across the world.

I commend some African governments which have already taken steps to help their people. The government of Uganda has not yet taken any steps to help our brothers and sisters who are having a terrible time.

I challenge the government to urgently engage the government of China on this, or take urgent measures to repatriate these people back home.”

We await to see how far this efforts will go as currently most countries like Uganda have locked their boarders and suspended international and local passenger flights as way of curbing the spread of the deadly virus which is ravaging the word,

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