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Bobi Wine To Hold Concert At Namboole Stadium

If there is any artiste who has used the politics season so well, it is Bobi Wine. The artiste has tremendously increased his fan base; he has released three tracks on the same topic and is arguably the most loved at the moment going by the boycott on several big ‘Tubonga nawe’ associated artistes.

Bobi Wine is not about to stop on this chance as he has announced his concert this year which is to take place at Namboole stadium from the usual Busabaala beach where he has been having it for the last two years.

Bobi Wine3

Bobi Wine2

Bobi at his Basabaala ‘One love beach’

The ‘Ghetto President ‘ has been having his concerts in October but decided to have it on May 2nd this year as the political events are nearing the end.

Dubbed ‘Munna Uganda Situka Mudembe,’ borrowed from his latest three tracks ‘Munna Uganda, Situuka and Dembe, the concert fee is going to be only at 5,000shs.

Why 5,000? the artiste said his concert is aimed at bringing togetherness among Ugandans of all classes to enjoy peaceful music.

Besides this concert, Bobi Wine last weekend performed in Karamoja for 500 and 300shs as they were promoting sanitation in that region.

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