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Bobi Wine To Investigate Alleged People Power Fans Who Attacked Besigye

Last Saturday it all over the news that a group of alleged irate People Power fans attacked Forum for Democratic Change’s retired colonel Kizza Besigye while on his way out of Central Broadcasting Services radio station premises where he was hosted on a political show dubbed ‘Parliament Yaffe’

The attack on Besigye was reportedly sparked off by the statements he made saying that he is not going to stop his opposition struggle and therefore doesn’t want anyone whosoever to come and tell him to stop despite losing the presidential race four times

Besigye said this without knowing that it was going to anger the group of People Power Fans who ascended on him in a failed attempt to thump him, as they shouted on top of their lungs asking him to stand down and leave the race for Bobi whom they claimed they love like money

However, Bobi Wine who didn’t confirm that the group were real People Power fans sighting that it could be a publicity stunt played by the state said that he will investigate deep into the matter and should he discover that the attackers are genuine People Power supporters, he will personally address it.

“We are yet to come to a conclusion after fully investigating the incident. Should we find that some of the people involved genuinely belong to #People_Power, we shall take measures to fully address this.” Read part of Bobi Wine’s statement

Bobi further made it clear that he continues to engage all forces of change including Kiiza Besigye who is the founder of the Forum For Democratic Change party (FDC)



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