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Bobi Wine’s Humble Request To KCCA

When Bobi Wine first alerted KCCA about a sinkhole which had formed in Kamwokya, they acted first inorder to try and fix it however, the process has taken longer more than most people expected and the Ghetto president seems to have lost his patience.

In a new post which he directed to KCCA, the singer said,

‘A few weeks ago, we complained about a dangerous hole in the road which had even claimed lives, we brought it your attention via social media and the response was amazing. A team from Kcca showed up, excavated the hole even deeper, delivered carraverts that very day, the road was closed and work seemed to have began.’

Kira Road has been closed for over 3 weeks, something that hasn't pleased Bobi Wine or the community

Kira Road has been closed for over 3 weeks, something that hasn’t pleased Bobi Wine or the community

Bobi wine adds,

‘However, today it’s almost THREE WEEKS and nothing more has been done. Meanwhile old kira road remains closed, and dangerous to even to pedestrians.Business around the place has all come to a STAND STILL and this has greatly affected our people this festive season. Needless to mention the TRAFFIC JAM on Kira road which stretches even beyond Kamwokya.’

The father of four who shared his message with his several fans on Facebook goes on to say that the road is the life of the community and he is personally affected as well since it’s right in front of Ssemakokiro Plaza.

Bobi Wine concluded by asking KCCA to grant him permission to fix the trench.

‘We shall come together as a community have it done before Christmas. IF PERMISSION IS GRANTED.’

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