Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga Concert Finally Settles For Busaabala, New Date Set

After the on and off communication regarding Bobi Wine’s ‘Kyarenga’ concert, a few hours ago confirmed that his concert has finally gotten a venue. A venue that might perhaps not be intervened by the government.

Through a press conference held at the Kamwokya based Semakokiro Plaza on Monday morning, Bobi Wine announced that his Kyarenga concert is going to take place on Saturday the 10th of November at his One Love Beach Busabala.

“I would like to call upon our fans to turn up in big numbers at One Love Beach Busabala for the Kyarenga concert on 10th of November,” Bobi stated.

He also added that it is his duty as a musician is to entertain the nation so no one can stop him from expressing what he believes is right.

Nevertheless, Bobi Wine has said he doesn’t blame Namboole stadium for stopping this concert and neither does he blame FUFA.

“We have to know it wasn’t their intention, they are being used by the government, and just the way they used FUFA. The government is doing everything possible to demotivate us but they are just motivating us instead.”

The Kyarenga concert was initially supposed to take place on Saturday the 10th of October at Namboole stadium but was stopped because of a wedding that never took place. The other preferred date (9th of November) was also acrappped off following an order from FUFA that the Stadium is booked until next year

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