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Bobi Wine’s Public Relations Officer In Trouble

Bobi Wine’s social media is by far one of the most followed and most active lately and this mainly came after he decided to participate in active politics but we have learnt that most of the things posted there are not actually by Bobi Wine but rather his PR team which is headed by Anne Whitehead.

Most of the posts especially those condemning the Government are orchestrated by Anne which prompted the ministry of Internal Affairs to react.

Yesterday afternoon, Immigration officials carried out a search at the residence and business premises of Anne Whitehead, looking for a possibility whether Bobi’s political activities might in any way be funded by foreigners.

We couldn’t establish what they were able to find but more information has it that Ann Whitehead might be deported back to Canada if she is by any chance found with anything sketchy.  

Anne Whitehead


This comes after Bobi Wine abruptly travelled to the US, claiming it was Bill Gates and his wife who invited him for a certain conference that also had former US president Barrack Obama in attendance.

Kyagulanyi says he has allegedly been receiving death threats warning him to back off the age limit retention campaign if he wants to stay alive.


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