Bobi Wine’s Singing Partner Nubian Li Narrates His 6 Month Ordeal While In Prison

And finally, after six months in jail, National Unity Platform (NUP) leader and former presidential candidate Bobi Wine’s partner and body guard Nubian Li and Eddy Mutwe were granted bail on Monday 14th of June.

The two together with 16 other NUP supporters were released from the coolers where they have been since 30th  December 2020 following their arrest while on Bobi’s presidential campaign trail in the Island district, Kalangala.

General Court Martial charged them with illegal possession of four rounds of ammunition and then on 8th January, they were remanded to Kitalya prison until 19th January when they were to re-appear for mention of the case in court.

Several attempts to see them be granted bail have been in vain until 14th June when General Court Martial chaired by Lieutenant General Andrew Gutti released them on bail.

It should be remembered that Nubian, Eddy and the other 16 were the last batch to be released of the total number (47) who were arrested while on the said campaign trail in Kalangala.

While in Kitalya Nubian says he experienced real hard jail life which he narrated. As a matter of fact, to him, the suffering started right from when they were being driven to Kalangala prison, all packed like sucks in one lorry, as officers “stepped over their heads”.

Kityala’s experience wasn’t any better if his narration is anything to go by.

“You are supposed to be sleeping 100 people in a ward but they bundle up over 300 inmates. When they are trying to find space for you to sleep, this RP has to stand between two people and then try to push them aside to create space for you to sleep and then they will push you in that space” He said in an interview with NTV

His 6 months stay in the coolers has not only affected him psychologically and physically but has also had a toll on his family. Before his arrest, he had a good bond with his son who was born in January 2020 but all this is no more as the little boy cannot recognize him now.

Before I was arrested, I think I was his best person at home, even whenever I would try to go out, he would chase after me, so the first time they came over to visit me, this kid couldn’t remember me anymore. I remember when I tried to go out and hold this baby and the baby just cried, running away from me”

Nubian who now dealing with a psychological breakdown is now trying to bond with his children to compensate the lost time when he was away but the memories of what he went through will always live with him.





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