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BREAKING: Bebe Cool Finally Releases ‘Everywhere I go’ Video

Bebe Cool’s much anticipated video for the new Reggae song Everywhere I go is finally out. The song written and directed by budding new star Alexander Bagonza aka Apass and produced by Nassim

Gagamel boss who had a very successful year in 2014 with his ‘Love you everyday’ song promised better things for his fans in 2015 and kept them waiting since New Year’s Day has finally released the video off his Go Mama Album.

The video shot by Godfather Productions from South Africa has been the talk of town not only because of the anticipation and hype created before its release, but also because of the controversy generated during the shooting with stories making rounds that Bebe Cool and wife Zuena Kirema had a fight over the closeness of Bebe to a video vixen and a scene that involved Bebe Cool kissing her.

After Bebe’s love you Everyday topped so many charts across the continent, many fans were eager to see the next project that Africa’s Raggae Star would produce and compare especially after with some sections of the media claiming the video was rejected by some international TV stations.

Bebe cool kiss Bebe Cool video

The Ragge-roots song is basically a love song that narrates a couple’s journey through thick and thin and promise to stick together no matter what. That message is reflected in the video too with a couple that stays together from childhood to adulthood.

“I wanted to create an abstract picture of a love scenario where a couple sticks together without having to go through the normal ordinary narrative style in the video and I think Godfather captured that perfectly well” Bebe Cool earlier told Chano8 in an exclusive chat about the song and video.

Bebe Song

Whether this particular song is up to scratch will be determined by the reception from fans and critics and only time will tell. As for now, we can all view and make our own conclusions.

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