Breaking: Carol Atuhirwe Loses Battle To Cancer

Carol Atuhirwe the ever smiling cancer patient whose charm and strength won many hearts of Ugandans has passed on according to news just reaching our desk. The lady for whom the ‘Save Carol’ drive took the country by storm, has been fighting for her life following a deadly cancer attack on her that kept eating up her organs.

The news was broken by Mr. Muhereza Kyamutetera a of the main forces behind the ‘Save Carol’ drive that saw Ugandans raise money through car washing initiatives and other activities to help Carol receive specialised treatment abroad. He posted a few minutes on social media.

Although the public managed to raise Shs.324, 603,399 through generous contributions, it remained unclear where Carol eventually ended up for treatment after confusion emerged about a year ago concerning her travel arrangements and the hospital she was to be treated at.

With the last communication indicating she was to fly to India instead of U.S as earlier announced.

“Thank God, our dear Atuhirwe Carol is off to India for treatment. Thanks to all of you for your prayers, financial and all other forms of support. What is now next is your prayers for healing.” Kyamu, as is commonly known in media circles said then.

Carol(C) while leaving Entebbe International Airport to go for treatment

The family members and care takers then decided to  keep her away from the public domain so that she could go through the treatment process without too much attention. However she lost the battle a few minutes back and has gone to rest with the lord. We will bring you more updates as they come. May her Soul rest in peace!

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