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Brenda Nambi opens up about the leaked nude selfies

Brenda Nambi has opened up about the nude selfies that leaked recently on social media. She said it’s not a big deal that her photos are on social media.


“I am definitely not happy that my nude photos are out there, but there is nothing that I can do about them now. I cannot close Facebook, I cannot close WhatsApp and neither can I cover the eyes of anyone who wants to see them,” said the singer.

“Let the people enjoy them, they will get tired of them by themselves.” added the Hb Toxic star.

When questioned on how the photos leaked, Brenda said someone who she knows very well intentionally leaked them to get public attention.

“They were leaked by someone whom I know, but I will not make mention of him because I do not want him to get the attention that he was looking for,” said Brenda.

“Let the people enjoy them and that will be the end of the story; because if I tell you the person who leaked them it will be the beginning of a new story, which I do not want,” concluded Brenda.

Brenda’s selfies, adds to the ever growing list of celebrities whose nude photos have leaked. Some of these include, Cindy, Judith Heard and Farouk Sempala among others.

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