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Brenda Nanyonjo’s Miss B Jeans For The Sleek & Curvaceous

Brenda Nanyonjo is a woman of all trades. Besides being the first person to hold the Miss Uganda Pageant for 5years, she is a Director of Kezzi Entertainment Ltd, a makeup artist and fashionista with ‘Miss Fix it’ and has just recently introduced a new label ‘Miss B Jeans’. Chano8 sat with her on a one on one.


Curvaceous Brenda donning the Miss B jeans

Kampala’s top curvy divas are on fire with ‘Miss B  jeans thanks to you ,how did the idea of the Jeans’ come about?

I have had this idea for two years now but all I could do is first research and plan about it. I kept on wearing plaster jeans that are fitting around the waist and people kept asking me about them. Most of the jeans can hold the hips but in the waist they are too wide and it’s not exactly smart especially for the proud curvy African women.

I kept going around the idea but I didn’t want to share too early before I was ready and in case anyone else took up the idea. It was late last year at the end of October that I made up my mind to go for it. I had to source for a good supplier and eventually got one.


The jeans come in all colors and Brenda definitely rocked the white

So why Jeans, why not other type of clothing?

First and foremost jeans are a basic wear for everyone and just like the men, every woman should have one in her wardrobe but some women actually don’t own any. Through my research, I realized that most women were complaining about jeans showing bum cleavage which is a main challenge due to the ire-fitting waist sizes.


Aside view of Brenda in her white miss B jeans

In a few words, how would you describe your jeans?

They are sophisticated, timeless, classy and elegant. It is a pair of jeans that can transcend all seasons for a full year and you still manage to look fabulous and stylish . They are special compared to the other jeans on the market because they are tailor made for the customers so there is no need of reducing in the waist which majorly kills the design plus they get to request for whatever color they prefer their jeans to be. And from the feedback I have been getting from my customers, they adore the fabric that it fits naturally on the skin.


The jeans are a perfect fit in the waist for the offices ladies who are bootilicious and daring

So why label them Miss B Jeans?

I chose the label ‘Miss B’ because it s my brand, most people already know me as Miss B or Miss fix it ,so I decided why bother looking for a new one when I could just grow this one. And I would expand into doing clothes that are suitable in general especially if you have the caves in the right places.


Miss B jeans majorly caters for a perfect fit in the waist to create a decent look

So what has been the overall response so far about Miss B Jeans?

I started selling the jeans behind the scenes even before I talked to any media person but the response has been good, i can not complain. All the women I have dressed are excited about my new styles and am excited too.

chaka chaka grace

Brenda has worked with top divas like Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Grace Nakimera

You have been in the industry as a Make-up Artist and Fashionista, tell us some of the big names you have worked on?

I have been fortunate enough to dress people like Flavia Tumusiime, Ruth Kalibala, Desire Luzinda, Grace Nakimera, Angela Katatumba, Julie Mutesasira, Radio & Weasel, A Pass, Jackie Chandiru, G Snake and many more. I have also done Make up on many people including Yvonne Chaka Chaka at Mr Gordon Wavamunno’s birthday and it has been an amazing experience all through.

I see people on social media asking where they can find these jeans, so where exactly can one access Miss B Jeans from and at what price?

For now they can find them here at plot 2, second street industrial area near club Play.The prices are really friendly, negotiable and worth it as compared to what’s on the market because you get exactly what you want.

flavia tumba

She has also dressed curvy women the likes of Flavia and Angela K

Do you plan to launch the miss B label In the future?

Definitely i plan to work on that in the near future, in a few months God willing. This is the first step in a journey of a thousand miles and I have faith in God.

I can see you have only catered for the girls, how about the boys?

Men don’t usually find challenges with clothing and apparently the available market serves them just fine. So i concentrate on the ladies, plus that’s where the market is.


That’s the sleek and timeless look Brenda vies for

Any words you would like to put out for the curvaceous ladies?

Yeah sure, for the ladies out there if you need something tailor made for your body or any fashion advice, am here for you. I have learnt a lot from my 12 years experience in the fashion world, while working with the African Woman Magazine I learnt that women my size and bigger find many challenges with what fits them and is still comfortable.




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