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Brian Mugenyi Talks About His Music Genre

Brian Mugenyi came to the limelight after working with some of Uganda’s leading bands Qwela and Code 9 until he decided to go solo in 2012. He started music at a tender age of 8 where he started by learning how to play different instruments from his local church and later perfected the art at the Africa institute of music where he dedicated five years to perfecting his lifetime passion and talent in music and majored in classical piano and minoring in Saxophone.

Brian Mugenyi talks about his music style

Brian Mugenyi talks about his music style

Chano8 caught up the artiste and this is what he had to say about his genre of music.

‘The music I do isn’t entirely Jazz. I have elements of Jazz in my music, but my music is a fusion of African traditional elements with Western music elements. I love to do Afro –Pop, Electronic Dance music, Soul and RnB so I write music from all those categories. I can’t say, I am a jazz musician, but I don’t only play saxophone.’

‘I also sing and like to create new things because I don’t like following trends, but I like setting a trend for others to embrace later on. I like bringing up something new so I don’t think I can classify myself in a certain particular genre.’

Read more about Brian Mugenyi’s career in the current Chano8 issue here.

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