Britam Announces Cake Off Challenge After Attempt To Bake Uganda Airlines Cake Goes Horribly Wrong

Insurance company Britam put Uganda Airlines on the news for wrong reasons after their attempt to celebrate their one year anniversary with a cake went horribly wrong.

Uganda Airline received a lot of stick on social Media for the cake whose photo has been making rounds all over social Media in the past few days.

“We tried baking a cake and fell flat on our faces! You may have seen unflattering photos of what was our attempt to celebrate Uganda Airlines’ First Anniversary circulating online. Some say, that it is not the gift, but the thought that counts most, right?” A statement they made in response reads in part.

“Well, we agree with a majority of you who said the cake did not do justice to this massive milestone and the occasion at hand”.

Britam is trying to save face after this ‘horrible’ cake was dissed on Social Media. So, the company has now decided to throw it to the public by announcing a bake-off challenge dubbed ‘The Great Britam Bake Off Challenge’

The ‘horrible’ cake that was dissed on social media

“Here’s your chance to show us how we can do better. We have come up with The Great Britam Bake Off Challenge. We’re calling out all bakers – large and small – to take part in the design of a new cake to be presented to Uganda Airlines!”

The best design will be funded to bake and personally present the cake to Uganda Airlines in addition to delivering a donation to a charity of their choice courtesy of Britam Uganda and Uganda Airlines.

The next 4 will also receive a contract to bake a cake for 4 charities within Kampala while also handing over donations.
To enter the challenge, one is supposed to upload your digital profile and cake design, sketch or idea (one only) using the link  http://bit.ly/BritamBakeOffChallenge

Deadline for submission is Wednesday 9th September 2020 at 5:00 pm.


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