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Brothers Chameleone And Pallaso In New ‘Kajanja Love’ Collabo

Ever since they released their ‘Love’ collabo song last year, the Mayanja brothers Dr Jose Chameleone and Pallaso hit studio yet again and released another love song dubbed ‘Kajanja Love’ meaning ‘Pompous Love’ produced by Avie records’ producer Dr Fizzol.

In the song’s first verse, Chameleone begins by asking what kind of love him and his lover are in apparently. He then goes onto the first verse confessing how he enjoys the woman he loves and begs her to give him his heart’s desires so that he can also give her hers without hurting her feelings.


After the success of ‘Love’ collabo, brothers Chameleone and Pallaso hit studio again and released new ‘Kajanja Love’

He adds that he even built for her a bungalow all in need of winning the love of whom his heart craves for but all in vain as the girl makes empty promises leaving Chameleone confused and asking why she acts that way.

Pallaso thrilled as more sponsors jump on board


Pallaso comes in the second verse with questions on why his ‘love’ has forgotten him so fast like when she is the only one he had given all his heart and trust but now she takes everything for granted. In more lines, Pallaso is heard apologising to the girl in order to resolve their differences because he can’t afford to lose her.

He concludes his verse saying that because of the situation, some media houses like have referred to him as a conman (Omufele) thus forgiveness and making up is all he needs from his girl.


Uganda’s music doctor Chameleone

“We are in the process of shooting the video but it’s just we are waiting for time when Chameleone is free but soon we are going to shoot.” Explained Swale Pallaso’s manager when Chano8 contacted Pallaso’s camp for a comment.

 Listen to ‘Kajanja Love’ by Chameleone and Pallaso


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